Need A Little Casino Cbet Poker Bling?

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Every once in a while, someone takes something otherwise mundane, mixes in their own creative flair, and comes up with something that has fashionista appeal. Yeah, I know I went on about Poker Divas and how Poker is turning into a fashion thing lately, what with all the celebrities getting into the game and stealing precious seats. But PokerChipGirl’s website (found via The Jewelry Weblog) is different. Really. Why? Cause it’s for those people who eat, live, and breathe poker and just gotta have it.


She’s taken new and vintage poker chips and made a variety of jewelry, money clips, key rings and much more. Something for both guys and girls. Great as gifts – or maybe even inspiration for your own designs. It’s proof that whenever a Casino Cbet pasttime becomes a popular sport, there’s always room for aftermarket merchandise. But please, no more poker-motif dishware.


Me? I’m waiting for a t-shirt that says “poker players do it on the river”.

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