PartyGaming Data HK is being harassed by DoJ

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An online company PartyGaming will be able to boast about finding a way to solve the longtime problem with the US government. The problem of online gambling performed by US citizens has influenced lots of online casinos. The main reason for the tension became online Poker after the UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act) was carried out. Since the act was published, US citizens lost the opportunity of free gambling online; many online casinos will just refuse accepting payments from the US citizens.


US law believes that only online sports Data HK gambling can be considered illegal, while poker has nothing to do with sports and it should be treated legally. The United States Department of Justice (Doj) claims that online poker is totally illegal and keeps bothering PartyGaming.


The strange side of the matter is that PartyGaming has never focused on US sports wagering but that hasn’t stopped DoJ. The company executives think that the pressure is quite embarrassing. Anurag Dikshit, who’s the company co-founder, had to pay 300 million dollars as a fine and might be imprisoned.


PartyGaming officials see the solution of the problem in a deal with the US government, though the company’s never broken any laws, especially those concerning gambling.


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