Offers Tsunami Relief Tournaments along with Free Sports Picks

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Sweden-based will host two poker tournaments this weekend to benefit the victims of the devastating tsunamis in Southeast Asia.

Thailand is the number one vacation destination of Swedes during the month of December, and several of’s employees were vacationing in the region at the time of the disaster. A recent report by Reuters said that 52 Swedish tourists have been confirmed dead and 827 are still confirmed missing.

“While’s native Sweden was hit extremely hard, this is an international tragedy which will take years to overcome and will require efforts worldwide,” Patrik Selin, Casino Boss of PokerRoom, said in a press release Thursday.

A $20 buy-in tournament will be held Saturday January 8th at 8 PM ET, and a $100 buy-in tournament on January 9th at 8 PM ET. The site will match the total prize pool from both events and donate the money to the International Red Cross. will also facilitate the

donation of any money from the winners. is the only online gaming site not requiring a download, and offers online poker to Mac and Linux users.

PN: Do you play much poker online?

Lidle: “I used to play more online, but I think I’ve played a total of about two hours online in the last two months. I really found out that that’s not what I like. I play a lot of live poker, and a lot of times its just me and eight or nine friends”

PN: Any similarities you see between pitching and poker for Free Sports Picks?

Lidle: “To be successful in both, you have to have no fear. To be successful in pitching, you have to go right after the hitter. In poker, it’s the same thing; if you are on a bluff, you can’t back down and show weakness. If you are on the mound if you want to make a pitch, you can’t show weakness, you have to go right after the hitters. In poker, it’s the same thing, you have to have no fear and keep on your plan.”

PN: Many of the television outlets today are trying really hard to turn poker into a sport. Do you consider poker a sport?

Lidle: “I don’t consider it a sport. Its more of an activity”

PN: So, let’s talk about your upcoming charity poker tournament. Any celebrities in the tournament who are good players? Who do you like in the tournament?

Lidle: “Well, Mike Lieberthal [Phillies catcher] is a really solid player. But actually, Thunder Keller will be playing as a celebrity. At first, we weren’t going to be letting any pros play, but I think it will be neat to have pro card players in there. I do think Thomas has an edge, but its sometimes more difficult for the pros to play against inexperienced players. An inexperienced player might stay in with a gutshot, and might make his hand, whereas a more experienced player would have folded.”

The tournaments $1,000 buy in also includes a cocktail reception with the celebrities, VIP check in, and airport transfers. Also, tournament players can register thru the tournament, and get a $79 room rate at the Hard Rock Hotel. Cards will be in the air at 1pm on the 13th, and players can register online at or in person until 12:45pm on the day of the event. Good Luck!

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